Vytautas Gudaitis

Re-imagining Organisations

Capturing value of creative networks

UI, UX, Research, Interaction, Thesis

Reflect to Understand Yourself

A self-assistance app that allows people to be aware of their drinking habits.

GUI, Interaction

Enabling Sustainability

Empowering Ugandan schools to sustain themselves in a clean way

Research, Service

App Development Experience

During my career, I have spent 5+ years working on software development of various iOS apps. Take a look at some of them.

Interaction, Front-end, Back-end, Prototyping

How Do You Feel, In Jazz

A web app that allows self-expression through own improvised jazz composition.

Short, P5.js, Ableton, Interaction

Things Are Getting Better

A data visualization experiment to tell a story behind a dataset.

Short, d3.js, Interaction

Future of Football

A futuristic machine learned referee system for 3v3 pickup soccer games.

Futurecasting, Interaction, Product

Getting Lost On Purpose

A service that challenges the way we travel.

Service, Interaction

Playing The Machine

A board game, encouraging competing with the machine in terms of doodle recognition.

Short, Machine Learning, Interaction

Digital Sound Made Tangible

An audio device designed to enable discovering and sharing music through tactile expressions.

Product, Interaction, Speculative

My name is Vytautas Gudaitis.

I am a Product Designer with a multidisciplinary background in Interaction Design, Software Development and Business Management. Currently I am a part of an amazing design team at Vinted.

Previously, I have graduated from B.Eng. in Electronics and Communications Engineering at Kaunas University of Technology, and M.Sc. in International Design Business Management at Aalto University and Interaction Design Programme at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. I have worked on a variety of projects, ranging from finding solutions for children’s problems in Uganda, to solving corporate communication challenges, designing GUIs, creating intelligent objects and imagining future scenarios. Also, I have worked as a software developer in several companies and start-ups.

Reach me at v@gdaitis.com